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About Calprotectin

What is calprotectin?

Calprotectin is a heterodimeric protein also known as MRP8/14 and is abundantly present in macrophages and neutrophil granulocytes; inflammatory cells of the immune system. Calprotectin is released from these cells at the site of active inflammation and therefore elevated calprotectin levels indicate an ongoing inflammation. Calprotectin can be measured in both blood and faecal samples.

Why measuring faecal calprotectin?

Measurement of faecal calprotectin is considered a reliable indicator of inflammation and numerous studies show that while faecal calprotectin concentrations are significantly elevated in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), patients suffering from non-organic bowel disease (IBS) do not have increased calprotectin levels. Such increased levels are shown to correlate well with both endoscopic and histological assessment of disease activity.

What is IBD?

Around 2 million people in Europe suffer from IBD. Crohn’s Disease (CD) and Ulcerative Colitis (UC) are incurable serious chronic diseases of the intestinal tract. The symptoms are distressing, embarrassing and even debilitating. Once symptoms appear, they resemble those of other conditions of functional origin (IBS), which make it very difficult for doctors to correctly diagnose.

Why measuring faecal calprotectin in IBD Patients?

The clinical course of most patients with IBD is marked by periods of remission with intermittent relapses characterized by increased intestinal inflammation. Numerous published studies have looked at faecal calprotectin levels in patients during the course of the disease. The results show that calprotectin is a good predictor of relapse in patients with IBD. The treatment aim in IBD patients is of course clinical remission. Because sustained clinical remission is associated with mucosal healing in the gut and reduced rates of hospitalisation, identifying patients likely to relapse enables their clinicians to adapt the patients treatment accordingly and to ease the relapse severity.




BÜHLMANN is a fully independent, medium sized and family owned Swiss company. Founded in 1976, BÜHLMANN today has local teams in Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Brasil, the USA and distributors worldwide.

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