IBDoc Privacy Policy


By accepting this Privacy Statement, you (“you” or the “Patient”) consent expressly that your Professional Healthcare Provider (the “Clinic”) that has licensed the IBDoc® System (“IBDoc®“) and BÜHLMANN Laboratories AG, Baselstrasse 55, 4124 Schoenenbuch, Switzerland (“BÜHLMANN”), the owner of IBDoc®, are entitled to process and administer the Patient’s personal data in the following manners and for the following purposes:

  1. Ways of data processing:
  • Record personal data, including sensitive health related data (“Patient Data”) on the Clinic’s database
  • Regular encrypted transfer of Patient Data over the Internet via the CalApp® (“App”)
  • Collection, evaluation and use of Patient Data in a pseudonymised manner
  • Collection and use of technical information about the devices and related software, hardware and peripherals used by the Patient
  1. Purpose for data processing:
  • Receive personalized monitoring of calprotectin levels in Patient’s stool samples to support inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) follow up in combination with the Clinic’s patient status elevation
  • Use pseudonymised data for statistical analyses
  • Use technical data to improve BÜHLMANN’s products and to provide any services to the Patient

The Patient has the right to withdraw this consent at any time by notifying the Clinic by using any communication channel established between Patient and Clinic.

The above consent by the Patient takes place against the following backdrop:

  1. The Patient is willing to apply the IBDoc®Calprotectin Home Test from BÜHLMANN. IBDoc® consists of an IBDoc® Portal, the CalApp® (“App”), and the IBDoc® Testing Kit. The IBDoc® Portal and the App are part of the IBDoc® Starter Kit which is licensed by the Clinic from BÜHLMANN. BÜHLMANN licences to the Patent the use of the App by a separate End-User Licence Agreement (“EULA”). The App is only working as part of the IBDoc® System in connection with the licence of the Clinic. When you use the App as part of IBDoc® via your validated mobile device (“Device” as described in the EULA) you are obliged to consult and follow the instruction manual of your IBDoc® Testing Kit carefully.
  2. To protect Patient Data to the greatest extent possible, the following security measures and rules apply to which the Patient expressly agrees:

2.1.      Patient Data is transferred as encrypted data by a 256 bit AES key using the keyczar cryptographic toolkit (https://github.com/google/keyczar). Such encrypted Patient Data is stored in an encrypted data storage system located within the European Union (EU) and/or Canada. To minimise data lost, Patient Data is stored on an application server and a Back-up Server. All servers use between with each other encrypted data transfers and each server is an encrypted data storage. The servers are located in geographically separated data centres, but all being located within the EU and/or Canada.

2.2.      Prior to any transmission of Patient Data, a password-protected login from both the Patient and the Clinic is required. It is, however, the Patient’s and the Clinic’s responsibility to choose a strong password and keep the passwords confidential.

2.3.      Patient Data belongs at all time to the Patient and/or to the Clinic as the case may be. Patient Data is only accessible by the Patient and the Clinic.

2.4.      The Patient has the exclusive right to alter, amend or delete Patient Data by notifying the Clinic to do so.

2.5       Neither BÜHLMANN’s distributors nor other third-party collaborators have access to Patient Data.

  1. As soon as the Patient decides to terminate the use of IBDoc®, this consent on privacy and data processing expires. The Clinic will delete any Patient Data except Patient Data that is used by the Clinic for other medical reasons and is part of another agreement between Patient and Clinic.
  2. BÜHLMANN only has access to aggregated and pseudonymised Patient Data. For supporting reasons only, BÜHLMANN may see and use the Patient’s email address. Other Patient Data is not accessible by BÜHLMANN unless the Patient interacts with BÜHLMANN in way that involves any disclosure of Patient Data by the Patient itself.
  3. BÜHLMANN does not alter, amend or delete any Patient Data without the express consent of the Patient or the Clinic after having received the Patient’s consent.
  4. For further information on BÜHLMANN’s privacy policy, please refer to: https://www.buhlmannlabs.ch/website-disclaimer/.