IBDoc® in Clinical Practice

Fecal calprotectin is an ideal non-invasive marker to monitor inflammation in the gut for patients suffering from IBD. Since IBD is a chronic condition, remote disease monitoring offers patients to facilitate their disease management and working lives since less hospital visits are needed. Further, hospital visits always bear the risk of potential infections, not only COVID-19, so reducing numbers of hospital visits is a benefit for chronic disease patients. But not only patients can benefit from remote disease monitoring, but also clinics can free up consultant time for patients who are really in need of clinical visits.

IBDoc®, a smartphone based application for fecal calprotectin testing, offers the perfect solution for IBD patients to monitor their disease at home. At ECCO 2020 in Barcelona we had the chance to talk with Kathleen Sugrue from Mercy University Hospital in Cork, Ireland and Pearly Avery from Dorset County Hospital in the UK about the use of IBDoc® in clinical practice.

IBDoc® calprotectin in clinical practice- teaser

ECCO 2020 interview with Kathleen Sugrue about the daily use of IBDoc® at the Mercy University Hospital

ECCO 2020 interview with Pearl Avery about the daily use of IBDoc® at the Dorset County Hospital