One Year using IBDoc®, a Patients View

A very proactive patient in the UK suffering from Crohn`s disease wanted to share the story of his use of IBDoc® after one year. For the past 27 years, he tried every kind of medication available. Only a very strict diet based on rice, chicken and carrots associated with a therapeutic monoclonal antibody allowed him to manage his Crohn’s disease.

Even with this plan, a question is still hanging in his head: If I have an occurrence of symptoms, are they due to a flare or another reason? This is when IBDoc® is useful to him: by obtaining immediate results of actual calprotectin levels there is no need to panic that things are moving out of control. Monitoring his calprotectin value every month with IBDoc® showed him that he was on a steady state and avoided him unnecessary stress.

“IBDoc® has reduced the “waiting time” for results down to hours instead of days or weeks.”

“I believe what IBDoc® has allowed me to do over the course of the last year is fundamentally educate myself in understanding my disease state.”

“Having Crohn’s disease for twenty-seven years has taught me many things; fundamentally that patients need to self manage and IBDoc® is one powerful tool in my self-managing tool kit.”