IBDoc News from ECCO 2017

IBDoc® has now been on the market for over 2 years and it is transforming the way IBD patients manage their disease. IBDoc® is used by over a thousand patients in more than 15 countries and we now support 20 languages with Hebrew as the latest addition. BÜHLMANN as the only calprotectin company has been able to proof accuracy and user-friendliness of this new self-testing approach that brings calprotectin extraction and measurement to the patients’ home. Below you find material from ECCO 2017 showing patients can use the tool very well, that they like it and that it correlates well with established laboratory methods.

In the video below Anke Heida, a PhD student from UMCG presents her poster at ECCO 2017 about a study in a teenager and adult population in Groningen using IBDoc® and comparing it to conventional laboratory methods.

The data from Heida et al. has recently been published in Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology. Click here to access the publication.

In the video below Caroline Bello from the University Hospital in Liege, Belgium presents the data of over 50 patients using IBDoc® comparing it to conventional laboratory methods as well as in regards of user-friendliness.  The patients taking part in this multicenter study were from Liege (Prof. Edouard Louis), Oslo (Dr. Arne Roseth), and Barcelona (Dr. Jordi Guardiola).

The data from Bello et al. has recently been published in Digestive and Liver Disease. Click here to access the publication.